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Brussels – As a supporter of the perspective of the Republic of North Macedonia for EU membership, Belgium has decided to support a project proposed by the Centre for European Security Studies (CESS) to facilitate discussions among all political actors in the country in order to achieve a consensus on the decisions necessary to complete the initial phase of the accession negotiations for EU membership, said a spokesperson for the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, David Jordens,

– This project aims to foster a culture of compromise among political parties and to enable solutions, thus contributing to the localization of the issue, Jordens stated regarding the information published in some Macedonian media that former MEP Peter Vanhoyte, on an initiative of the Belgian Presidency with the EU, “received a mandate to be a mediator facilitator in the Bulgarian-Macedonian dispute”.

According to Jordens, the project is carried out under the independent responsibility of the Centre for European Security Studies and is led by Vanhoyte, in his capacity as “an independent high-level mediator with many years of experience in capacity building and mediation in the Western Balkans and especially in North Macedonia”.

– Belgium only decided to support the project of the Centre for European Security Studies, within the framework of its longstanding policy of supporting mediation projects around the world and considering its role as a presiding country with the Council of the EU, added Jordens.

On Tuesday, several media in the country reported that Hoyte had arrived in Skopje for meetings with representatives of political parties, non-governmental organizations, and other experts to “pave the way for constitutional amendments and to secure guarantees that the path of Macedonia to EU membership will no longer have spikes from Bulgaria or new issues”, which is why after his stay in the country he would travel “for similar meetings in Sofia”.

However, according to sources in the Belgian MFA, the mediation project, which is funded by Belgium, is focused only on the Republic of North Macedonia, and Bulgaria is not involved in it. (May 9)