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Ljubljana – Citizens of other EU member states can also vote in the European elections in Slovenia, where they must request registration in the electoral records in advance in order to be entered into the register of the electoral rights. Currently, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are 1083 voters from other EU countries registered in the Slovenian register of electoral rights. The European Parliament elections in Slovenia will be held on June 9th.

Citizens of other EU countries who would like to register in the Slovenian register of electoral rights and consequently in the electoral records must meet several conditions. On the day of voting, they must be 18 years old, they must have a registered permanent or temporary residence in Slovenia based on valid residence permits, and have submitted a request for registration in the register of electoral rights, as recorded on the website by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In this regard, the Ministry advises citizens of other EU member states who would like to vote in Slovenia to submit their applications as soon as possible. Applications submitted after May 24th will not be considered for this election, they warned.

In the Slovenian register of electoral rights, the majority of citizens from other EU countries are from Croatia (554), Italy (133), Germany (107), Bulgaria (49), and Hungary (32). (April 29th)