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Sarajevo (Fena) – The Directorate for European Integration organized the celebration of Europe Day at the International Center for Children and Youth Novo Sarajevo on Thursday under the slogan “United through Generations”.

The Director of the Directorate for European Integration, Elvira Habota, said that Europe Day is a reminder of a great and noble idea about the creation of an alliance of states known today as the European Union.

She noted that traditionally Europe Day and the entire European week are marked by various events, one of which is today’s gathering.

She added that the goal of today’s event was to unite the young generation with their new ideas, with enthusiasm and energy, together with the older generation, with their experience and wisdom.

– United through generations, united through solidarity and empathy, education and learning, we actually collectively contribute to creating a more inclusive society, which is also a European value – Habota listed.

She says that this day is of special importance for BiH, as this is the first Europe Day after receiving the “green light” to start negotiations with the EU.

– We felt it was very important to share this in this way, bearing in mind that we have here generations who have made their contribution, and we also have young generations who will make their contribution in further building society, which is the goal of all of us in the values of democracy, tolerance, solidarity and all other common values – Habota concluded.

World DJs come to BiH

Europe Day is the most important holiday of the European Union which is traditionally celebrated with citizens throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, and by organizing such events, citizens celebrate freedom, diversity, and unity.

In addition to numerous events, the European Union Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the festivals “Freshwave”, “Garden of Dreams”, “From Herz With Love” and the agency “Zeus Agency” on May 11th organizes performances of world-famous DJs on the occasion of celebrating Europe Day 2024 in Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo, and Tuzla under the slogan “Always in the Heart of Europe”.

The Head of the Communications Department of the EU Office in BiH, Ferdinand Koenig, said that the European Union celebrates unity and victory over fascism, and that the European Union project will not be complete until Bosnia and Herzegovina is also part of the European family.

He mentioned that on the four days in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 19 performers will simultaneously perform, and their performances will connect young people across BiH and in this way, they will all together celebrate the European future of Bosnia and Herzegovina. (May 9th.)