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The decision of the EBU to ban the EU flag from the EUROVISION contest only helped those who had the opportunity to attack Europe, emphasized the Vice President of the Commission, Margaritis Schinas, when asked during a press conference in Brussels. He pointed out that “nobody can really question whether the EU flag reflects what we advocate or the model of society we represent, the values that guide our coexistence”.
“I did not like what the EBU did. I don’t think they helped anyone, they did not help Europe. The only ones they helped were those who had this opportunity to attack against Europe,” he added. As the Vice President of the Commission noted, explanations are expected but it constitutes a positive first step, that the EBU has already announced that it will review its flag policy for 2025″. When asked about the creation of a geopolitical Europe, he answered that the EU is on its way to becoming a geopolitical player.

The diplomatic Europe does not meet the same level of expectations

Regarding the Commission, as he added, a geopolitical Commission has emerged and it is time to make use of the community’s tools, simultaneously criticizing the role of “diplomatic Europe”.
“It is time for Europe to stand tall on the broader global stage,” emphasized Margaritis Schinas, referring to what the EU has achieved over the past five years such as vaccines, the response to Russia’s war against Ukraine, and the immigration policy.
“The geopolitical Europe is emerging, it is time for the community’s tools to be mobilized. Here we can make a difference, here we can make citizens believe that Brussels is serious regarding the geopolitical aspect. I hope that the remaining part, which is diplomatic Europe, will be based on the same level of results, because diplomatic Europe does not meet the same level of expectations and you know why? Because we have unanimity, we have veto,” as Margaritis Schinas highlighted.