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Madrid – Far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who spoke on Sunday in Madrid at a meeting of about ten sovereignist European parties, denounced what she called the “migratory submersion” of certain regions in France.

“We are all together in the final stretch to make June 9th a day of deliverance and hope,” said the former president of the National Rally (RN), credited with about 30% of voting intentions.

She accused EU officials of wanting “the disappearance of” European borders.

“Entire areas of my country, France, are given over to migratory submersion and are now escaping the authority of the state,” she insisted.

“On this subject, the European Union does nothing. Worse: it organizes it with the famous pact on asylum and immigration” recently adopted by the 27. And after the elections, “it will be time to start the reorientation of the European Union,” she continued. (19.05.2024)