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The Swedish government wants to allow vineyards, microbreweries, and small distilleries to sell their alcoholic beverages directly on-site from 2025 – with certain limitations to ensure that Systembolaget is not threatened.

Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (M) and Social Minister Jakob Forssmed (KD) announce a referral to the Council on Legislation for on-site sales.

“This is a freedom reform. Sweden is becoming a bit more like the rest of Europe,” says Kristersson.

According to Jakob Forssmed, the proposal does not threaten Systembolaget’s monopoly. However, it must be approved by the EU Commission.

“We feel very confident that this can be implemented,” says Ulf Kristersson.

The opposition party Social Democrats believes one thing is crucial – that Sweden retains Systembolaget.

The Social Democrats think it is good that the government plans to turn to the EU Commission and EU member states to avoid risking the alcohol monopoly.

“It is positive. It’s about getting as many guarantees as we can get. We cannot risk Systembolaget’s position,” says group leader Lena Hallengren (S).

The proposal is intended to come into effect during the first half of 2025, but it will first be in a trial period for six years.

(June 5)