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Ljubljana – The Slovenian State Election Commission (DVK) has confirmed eleven candidate lists for participation in the June European elections. Among these are lists of five parliamentary and seven non-parliamentary parties. All eight current European MEPs will also compete for a new term.

In the European Parliament elections, which will take place in Slovenia on June 9, all three government coalition parties will participate – the liberal Freedom Movement, the center-left Social Democrats (SD) and the Left. The first two will lead the election with current MEPs Irena Joveva and Matjaž Nemec. The SD list will also include current parliamentary term MP Milan Brglez. The list for the Left will be led by MP Nataša Sukič.

The opposition center-right parties Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) and New Slovenia (NSi) will also compete for seats in the European Parliament. The leading candidate for SDS will be the current MEP Romana Tomc, followed closely by MEP Milan Zver. The NSi list will be led by president Matej Tonin, with MEP Ljudmila Novak at the bottom of the list.

From the non-parliamentary parties, the green parties Vesna with the mayor of Kočevje Vladimir Prebilič and Greens of Slovenia with MEP Klemen Grošelj, who joined this list after a dispute with the Freedom Movement, will have their own lists.

The center-right Slovenian People’s Party (SLS) will be led into the election by former president of the national RTV Slovenia programming council Peter Gregorčič, with MEP Franc Bogovič also on their list.

The Pensioners’ Party DeSUS will enter the elections together with the Good State party, the list will be led by journalist and publicist Uroš Lipušček. The anti-vaccine party will be led into the elections by its president Zoran Stevanović, and the satirical party None of the Above by actress and former Left MP Violeta Tomić.

The Pirate Party’s list was rejected by the DVK due to an insufficient number of collected signatures. (May 11)