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BRUSSELS – Most young Bulgarians (54 percent) declare that they will vote in the upcoming June 9 elections for the European Parliament. This is shown by data from a “Eurobarometer” survey, presented by the European Commission. For comparison, on average in the EU, 64 percent of young people eligible to vote have expressed their readiness to participate in the elections.

A total of 21 percent of young Bulgarians and 13 percent of other young people in the EU say they will not exercise their right to vote in determining the future MEPs. Asked what they expect from the EU, European youth rank peace and international cooperation first (37 percent, 32 percent in Bulgaria), second is fighting poverty (34 percent in the EU, 38 percent of Bulgarians), and third are the protection of human rights and European values (30 percent in the EU and 26 percent in Bulgaria).

For 25 percent of Bulgarian and other European youth, the EU has a strong impact on daily life, while 42 percent in the EU and 46 percent in Bulgaria believe this is somewhat the case. Overall 56 percent of young Bulgarians (49 percent in the rest of the EU) say that in the last year they have not participated in activities benefiting the community – petitions, protests, sending letters to politicians. Most often, those who have taken such actions have focused their efforts on protecting human rights and equality, as well as nature.

Asked whether they think they have enough skills in the online space to distinguish misinformation, 32 percent of Bulgarian youth express confidence that they can manage, and 45 percent expect to cope if needed. For comparison, in other EU countries, an average of 28 percent feel completely confident, and 45 percent are somewhat sure.

The survey was conducted online between April 4 and 12. Responses were given by 26,189 EU citizens aged between 15 and 30 years.

According to a “Eurobarometer” survey, presented by the European Parliament at the end of last year, readiness to vote in the upcoming June elections for MEPs is expressed by 68 percent of the citizens in the EU and 51 percent of Bulgarians, 14 percent (19 percent in Bulgaria) are undecided, and 16 percent (30 percent of Bulgarians) have declared that they will not vote. (May 13)