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What's going on in Europe?

See the most important upcoming events in EU Affairs, as well as events organized by the European Newsroom, at a glance.

About the enr

The European Newsroom (enr) is a cooperation project between news agencies from all over Europe – AFP, AGERPRES, AMNA, ANSA, ANP, APA, ATA, Belga, BTA, CTK, dpa, EFE, Europa Press, FENA, HINA, Lusa, MIA, PAP, Ritzau, STA, Tanjug, TASR, TT and UKRINFORM. The participating agencies have opportunities for training, further education and the joint development of journalistic standards. Tools such as fact checks and verification help to uphold quality journalism by counteracting the growing dissemination of disinformation and propaganda. Through the enr, the European agencies are given equal access to information, paving the way for comprehensive and diverse reporting across national borders.

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What’s driving Europe this week

The war in Ukraine, economic challenges, climate change – many issues move Europe. Every Friday, we’ll publish a Key Story that sheds light on one leading topic of that week. Expect stories on a wide range of issues and voices from all over Europe, as diverse as EU politics. With our Key Story, we aim to provide context and give you a better understanding of different European perspectives. The enr will give shared insight into “What’s driving Europe.” The articles are based on the participating agencies’ EU coverage. The article is available in English, German, Spanish and French.

What's going on in Europe?

See the most important upcoming events in EU Affairs, as well as events organised by the European Newsroom.

Other EU portals of European news agencies

EVANews – European Video Alliance is a cooperation project between several news agencies for the production and exchange of news videos. Besides Brussels-based Instant News Service (INS), which coordinates the platform, further collaboration partners are the news agencies Deutsche Presse-Agentur from Germany, Adnkronos from Italy, Europa Press from Spain, CTK from the Czech Republic and Agence Belga from Belgium. The Brussels Institutions mostly communicate centrally and in English. To make European policy accessible, the participating journalists of the EVANews platform publish from their perspective and in their native languages, taking into consideration the national dimension of all EU news.


The European Data News Hub (EDNH) is a current European platform for journalists, where the news agencies dpa, AFP, Ansa, Agerpres, TT and ANP are collaborating as one newsroom team. Their focus is on providing data-based news packages, which consist of photographs, videos, audio reports, interactive graphics, infographics and texts in nine different languages. The agencies also distribute the contents through their networks, reaching a great number of newspapers, TV and radio stations, mobile users, website operators, databases, governments and international institutions throughout the world.