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Mostar (Fena) – The Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia Andrej Plenković was in Mostar (BiH) where he invited all Croatian citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in the elections for the European Parliament on June 9.

He assessed that the European elections are significant for the continuation of BiH’s European path and the achievement of equality for Croats in BiH. He also reminded that the Government of the Republic of Croatia gives strong support to BiH as a country that is taking strong steps forward towards membership in the European Union.

– In the past few years, we have always been very consistent and have tried with our activities to improve relations between BiH and Croatia, resolve open issues, and open doors for BiH for faster institutional integration into EU membership – said the Croatian Prime Minister.

He reminded that Croatia is the main friend, advocate, and country that will always raise its voice on behalf of BiH and all its constituent peoples on the path to the European Union.

The European path is the solution to the “Croatian question” in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Željana Zovko

Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko at a press conference in Mostar, BiH, 3.6.2024. (Photo FENA/Ivan Rozić)

In light of political instability on the BiH political scene, the Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko in Mostar called on all stakeholders of political life to engage in discussions and fulfill the goals set by the European Commission for BiH.

– It is very important in these turbulent times that we have further expansion of the European Union to the entire region of southeastern Europe, to dispel the influence of third countries whose negative influence we have witnessed in the past and we are witnessing today – said Zovko.

She specified that it is about the influence of Russia, Turkey, and Iran, which, as she said, are trying to cause instability on the borders of Europe.

– In these elections, we are fighting for democracy, against autocracy, and against all these geopolitical negative influences – she said.

Speaking about internal issues of BiH, Zovko said that she advocates for solutions modeled on Belgium.

– Belgium was decentralized and federalized in 1993. That wasn’t so long ago. They did not have the right to use the Flemish language in politics, nor was there a translation of the constitution into German. Now all these groups share power, have their representatives in the European Parliament, and Belgium is an ideal place to live. Who, if not Europe, will provide an answer to the Belgian BiH, which can be the key solution for the entire Southeast Europe. We seek such solutions for BiH. The European path is the solution to the “Croatian question” in BiH, which we seek modeled on the Belgian model – concluded Zovko. (3.6.)