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BRATISLAVA – The results of the European Parliament (EP) elections showed that the majority of voters in Europe still desire to be represented by parties of the democratic center. This was stated by President of Slovakia Zuzana Čaputová. She thanked the voters who participated in the elections and congratulated the elected Slovak MPs. She believes that in cooperation with other MEPs, they will also strengthen Slovakia’s voice and increase the weight of national interests.
        “I am pleased that the participation of Slovak citizens in these elections is gradually increasing and that we are increasingly considering the European Union as our living space,” the head of state wrote on social media. She reminded that the European Union was created as an expression of the will of European states to avoid repeating political and military conflicts and to embark on a path of understanding and cooperation. “And this will persists,” she added.
        The head of state thinks that a substantial value change, which was announced by far-right and eurosceptic parties, will not occur. “However, their percentage increase is a reminder for all European democratic parties that the values ​​on which the European Union was founded need to be continually protected and developed,” she stated.
        The winner of the EP elections in Slovakia was Progressive Slovakia (PS) with 27.81 percent of the votes. It is followed by the party Smer-SD (24.76 percent) and the movement Republic (12.53 percent). Candidates for Hlas-SD (7.18 percent) and KDH (7.14 percent) also entered the European Parliament. (June 10)