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Bratislava – Peace does not thrive when we divide ourselves over fundamental issues. Where we need to unite and rely on traditions or values, let’s not divide the country, because it harms peace. Prime Minister Robert Fico (Direction – Social Democracy) stated this on the occasion of Victory Day over fascism. In a speech at the Slavín military memorial in Bratislava, he reminded that he values every victim of the Second World War, which brought the defeat of fascism.

Fico emphasized that Slovakia and Czechoslovakia were liberated by the Red Army and the soldiers of the Romanian army. According to him, this creates a strong bond between the inhabitants of Slovakia and the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union. The prime minister rejected the distortion of history and stressed that the Red Army of the former Soviet Union had the largest share in defeating fascism and in the victory in the Second World War.

The Prime Minister claims that peace does not benefit if the war is spoken about with frivolity. He is disappointed with the EU, which was created as a peace project, yet cannot offer a meaningful peace plan for the conflict in Ukraine. “It is a great display of EU’s weakness,” he said. He believes that the Union is unable to stand on its own feet in matters of foreign policy.

The only weapon we have, according to Fico, is respecting international law. He repeated that we must do everything to ensure that our foreign policy, based on membership in the EU and NATO, is oriented towards all four corners of the world. (May 8)