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Never before has a Swedish candidate received as many personal votes in a European Parliament election as the Left Party’s Jonas Sjöstedt received this year. He has surpassed Marit Paulsen’s 15-year-old record, reports the newspaper Altinget, which covers politics in Sweden and the EU.

Jonas Sjöstedt has both sat in the EU Parliament before (1995–2006) and been the leader of the Left Party for eight years.

Folkpartiet’s Marit Paulsen received 221,489 personal votes in the 2009 EU election, and Sjöstedt has surpassed that, with all votes still not fully counted.

Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP) could also break Paulsen’s record high, but if so, it will be marginal, according to Altinget.

She has been an EU parliamentarian since 2019, and formerly Minister of Culture and Democracy (2014–2019).

(June 13)