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Ljubljana/Brussels – Slovenia will receive a total of 428 million euros from the EU solidarity fund for the restoration after last year’s floods, according to the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Cohesion Srečko Đurov. The European Commission announced that they would present the proposal for the payment of the funds soon. Slovenia has already received 100 million euros.

The Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development submitted the application for funds from the EU solidarity fund after the August floods last October, Đurov explained. Shortly thereafter, the European Commission assessed the application as appropriate, based on which Slovenia received the first 100 million euros in advance in December.

As the Secretary of State added, the process of further verification of the application then began, with the Commission asking their ministry for additional clarifications.

According to him, the Ministry has now received information that the European Commission has decided to propose to the EU Council and the European Parliament to pay Slovenia 428 million euros in aid. In the fall, it should receive the remaining 328 million euros.

The Slovenian newspaper Dnevnik reported that the Commission had made a number of comments on Slovenia’s request for financial assistance from the solidarity fund. Among other things, it pointed out insufficient data on the extent of the floods and the use of unreliable methodology.

Đurov denied these claims, and it was also explained in Brussels that it is usual to ask member states for additional clarifications. According to their statements, the Slovenian authorities provided appropriate clarifications, so they will soon forward the proposal of the final amount to the EU Council and the European Parliament.

Slovenia was hit by extensive floods last August, causing damage worth several billion euros. In addition to funds from the solidarity fund, other European funds are also available for its restoration and flood protection. (June 12 and 13)