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Ljubljana – The Slovenian government intends to sign an administrative agreement with the joint European company for computer chips, Chips JU, within which it will also be possible to co-finance projects in the field of computer chips and semiconductor technologies.

The administrative agreement, according to the Slovenian Ministry for Digital Transformation, will enable the co-financing of projects by Slovenian applicants who are successful in the calls issued by Chips JU. Among them will also be the project for the establishment of the Slovenian competence center for chips.

Competence centers will be the first point of entry for users and will be connected in a network of competence centers across Europe. They will enable access to technical knowledge and experience in the field of semiconductors, and will help companies to approach and improve design capabilities and develop skills.

The company Chips JU also announces projects for research and innovation in the field of chips and semiconductor technologies, which will be co-financed within the framework of incentives for small and medium-sized enterprises. Research and innovation projects are co-financed up to 35 percent by Chips JU, and Slovenia will co-finance the projects in the same proportion.

The Ministry for Digital Transformation has allocated funds for this purpose for the current year amounting to €700,000. Next year, €1.2 million, of which €500,000 for the competence center and €700,000 for research and innovation projects. (May 9)