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Brussels – The Artificial Intelligence Act, which was approved on Tuesday by the EU member state telecommunications ministers, represents an excellent balance between the development of new technologies and the protection of human rights, according to Slovenian Minister for Digital Transformation Emilija Stojmenova Duh. Therefore, she supported the act.

She also pointed out the lack of experts in the field of artificial intelligence. “At this moment, not only in Slovenia but generally in Europe, we do not have enough trained experts, so we need to work more on this,” said Stojmenova Duh.

She has also advocated for the participation of experts from all member states in the European regulatory office for artificial intelligence, which has already been established by the European Commission. This will also make the implementation of legislation easier in the member states, she said.

She added that it is not yet known who will be responsible for supervising the implementation of the act on artificial intelligence in Slovenia.

The first such legislation in the world is designed in a way that stricter rules will apply to artificial intelligence systems that pose a greater risk.

The use of artificial intelligence that poses an obvious risk to fundamental rights will be prohibited. Among them are biometric categorization systems based on sensitive features, social scoring, or artificial intelligence used for manipulating human behavior. (May 21)