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Brussels (ANSA) – The European Commission has decided to increase tariffs on imports of Chinese electric cars that “benefit from unfair subsidies” and “are causing a threat of economic harm to EU producers”. Countervailing tariffs will be provisionally imposed on imports. The tariffs for the three Chinese producers included in the sample will be: Byd 17.4%; Geely: 20%; Saic 38.1%. Other producers who have collaborated in the investigation will be subject to a tariff of 21%, while it will be 38.1% for those who have not collaborated.

Germany is opposed to the measures and is asking the Commission to offer China a table for discussion. “The European Commission’s punitive tariffs have repercussions on German companies and their flagship products,” says German Transport Minister Volker Wissing. “Vehicles must become cheaper through greater competition, open markets, and significantly better localization conditions in the EU, not through trade wars and market exclusions.”

The Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso welcomed the “announcement with satisfaction”, “to protect European production in full awareness that we also have: the possibility of reaffirming the Italian automotive industry in Italy, one of the driving sectors of our country’s industrial development which we absolutely do not want to give up.”

The EU “ignored the facts and WTO rules, the repeated strong Chinese objections, the appeals and dissuasion of governments and industries of various European states” said the Beijing Ministry of Commerce, contesting the EU’s conclusions, “lacking factual and legal basis” that ignore “the objective fact that China’s advantages in electric vehicles derive from open competition” (May 12).