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Anticorruption organization Transparency International has built a database to present what the 705 outgoing EU parliament members officially report in terms of income and side assignments.

At the very top of the income side is 64-year-old Russia-born Viktor Uspaskich from Lithuania, who made a fortune importing Russian gas in the 1990s and beyond. He has also been called the “pickle king” for his investments in the agricultural sector.

Behind him, there is a significant leap to the French far-right member Jérôme Rivière, with a reported annual extra income of just over 2.5 million Swedish kronor, followed by Hungarian László Trócsányi with just under 2 million.

Among the Swedes, Emma Wiesner (C) is reported to earn the most from her side income: a total of only about 64,000 kronor per year (5,502.60 euros).

Only three of 21 Swedish members are reported to have salaried incomes outside the EU Parliament. Also Carina Ohlsson (S), a total of 2,502.79 euros per year, and Linus Glanzelius (S), a total of 1,174.72 euros per year.

(May 7)