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Prague – The political movements SPD and Trikolora made the most use of paid political advertising on the social networks Facebook and Instagram before this year’s European Parliament elections, according to Transparency International CZ (TI). Following them were the Spolu coalition and the Starostové coalition, with the ANO movement using it the least. A total of 2.8 million crowns were spent on advertising by the six monitored contesting entities since the start of the pre-election campaign, with the largest contributor being the Spolu coalition, comprising ODS, TOP 09, and KDU-ČSL. The organization informed ČTK of this today.

From the February announcement of the European elections until May 24, the SPD and Trikolora coalition had 862 paid posts on the networks, Spolu 386, Starostové 214, Piráti and the Stačilo! coalition led by KSČM 92 posts each. The ANO movement had the fewest paid posts, 50, during the period, Transparency International CZ reported.

According to its analysis, SPD and ANO placed the largest share of paid advertising through the pages of their leaders Tomio Okamura and Andrej Babiš, while they did not use the profile of the movement itself at all. Similarly, Starostové chose the profile of their number one candidate for the European elections, Danuše Nerudová, as the main channel for paid advertising. Spolu, Piráti, and Stačilo! most frequently used party profiles.

In the campaign, Spolu spent the most on paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram – over 900,000 crowns. The smallest total amount, 150,000 crowns, was spent by Piráti. Converting to one post, ANO paid for advertising with average expenditures per advertised post exceeding 5,200 crowns. The least spent on one advertisement was by SPD and Trikolora, at 860 crowns.

Spolu had the largest reach of paid posts across the monitored profiles, potentially reaching over 11 million users through its profiles. When recalculated for reach per advertisement, ANO did the best on average, reaching 80,000 users per advertisement. The lowest average reach was for SPD and Trikolora, with approximately ten thousand users reached per advertisement. According to the website of the organization, the SPD and Trikolora movement targeted their advertisements at all residents regardless of age, while the Stačilo! coalition focused on users over 55. ANO more targeted users over 25 years old, Spolu at people aged 18 to 60; STAN at users up to 55, and Piráti up to 40.