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O Pino (A Coruña) – The president of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, admitted this Saturday in O Pino (A Coruña), a municipality she traveled to participate in the PP pilgrimage, that there is “concern” for the rule of law, but she pointed out that Europe “protects” when it is compromised.

Without explicit references to the amnesty law, Von der Leyen, who spoke after the leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, indicated that the EU must “protect citizens from any threat” and for this reason, Spain and the other member countries “must trust us.”

If she secures a second term, she said she would be clear that “protecting citizens when these values are compromised” is essential.

“We have to take good care of our Europe,” she exhorted.

In particular, Von der Leyen did not miss the opportunity to address Ukraine, which “is fighting on its territory for our security.” She guaranteed that “we will never be able to live up to the Ukrainian people, but we can stand by their side.”

Europe, a path of “peace, hope, and values”

Ursula von der Leyen assured that Europe follows a “similar path of peace, hope, and common values” akin to the Way of St. James through the centuries and advocated helping Ukraine and protecting farmers and fishermen.

Von der Leyen made these statements in her speech at a pilgrimage organized by the PP in the Coruña town of O Pino, also attended by the leader of that party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo; the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alfonso Rueda; and the main candidates of the party for the upcoming European elections on June 9.

The president of the EC, who had previously visited the Compostela cathedral in the company of Feijóo and Rueda, highlighted that this temple and the Way of St. James are “at the heart of Europe,” adding that “she could not run for a second term as president of the EC without visiting Santiago.”

She emphasized that to “complete the pilgrimage route requires courage, faith, and resilience,” as well as “good companions,” and called for voting for the PP in the upcoming elections.

In her speech before some 5,000 attendees at the pilgrimage, the seventh organized by the PP in that small municipality adjacent to Santiago de Compostela, the European leader highlighted that Galicia is “a success story for Feijóo,” who has governed that community for fourteen years, and also congratulated Rueda on his victory three months ago.

Von der Leyen highlighted that some European and Way of St. James values are under threat, but advocated for maintaining the “union” of the 27 member states and the 450 million inhabitants to reinforce peace.

She observed that the population of Ukraine is “fighting for their territory” and for “our security,” and considered that although the European Union “cannot match the sacrifice of the population” of that country, after the military invasion by Russia in February 2022 which has occupied part of it, “we will stand by their side for as long as necessary.”

Von der Leyen also noted the need to “protect” sectors such as food and stated that farmers are “the first to wake up early in the morning to work hard to bring the food the population enjoys to the table.” Therefore, she expressed her “respect and gratitude” for their work.

She acknowledged the difficulties arising from the increase in seed and fertilizer prices but warned that it is “unacceptable for them to sell below production costs,” and therefore advocated for “guarantees” for “fair competition with third countries.”

She also emphasized that “fishing is an art, a skill, a vocation passed down through generations of Galicians” and praised that this sector has allowed “decades” of contribution to “food security.” (June 1)