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Roma (ANSA) – The president of the European Commission and Spitzenkandidat of the European People’s Party (Ppe), Ursula von der Leyen, does not exclude a dialogue with the Conservatives and Reformists Europeans (Ecr) whose party is chaired by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. “It is more important than ever that a broad coalition of pro-European forces cooperate at a time when our common interests are at stake. I will therefore work with all those who are clearly committed to the rule of law, the European Union, and Ukraine,” she said in an interview with ANSA, von der Leyen, who is in Rome today for the campaign for the Europeans.

“Together with these political forces – she stressed – in the Member States and in the European Parliament, I would like to fight for a Europe that is secure, peaceful, economically strong and socially balanced. “The situation for Europe is serious and the challenges we face are enormous. This applies not only to the ongoing wars in our neighborhood, but also to the battle against climate change and illegal immigration, the geopolitical power plays against Europe, and the dangers posed to our democracies by widespread disinformation digitally from the inside and from the outside. from the inside and the outside,” she explained.

Von der Leyen landed last night in late evening in Rome, where the Italian stage of her electoral campaign will take place. The schedule of the Spitzenkandidat of the Ppe does not include any official meeting with Meloni since von der Leyen is in Rome in the capacity of a candidate of the People’s Party and not as the head of the community executive (May 13).