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Portuguese youth are among those most eager to participate in European Parliament (EP) elections among the European Union (EU) countries, according to a Eurobarometer released on Monday.

In a survey on youth and democracy conducted for the European elections, between June 6 and June 9 in the 27 EU Member States, six out of ten (64%) young Europeans intend to vote in the election.

The Portuguese are among those most eager to participate in elections (77% of national youth know they are of age to vote and want to do so) and only 5% know they are of age to vote but will not do so.

Only Romania surpasses Portugal, with 78% of youths intending to participate in the suffrage to decide the future composition of the EP.

Malta (47%), Latvia (46%), and Luxembourg (41%) are countries with the lowest percentages of young voters of age who intend to vote.

In Bulgaria, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, and the Netherlands, one in five young people who participated in this statistic responded that they are not planning to vote.

Among the young Portuguese who responded in the survey, 39% answered that they are concerned with the preservation of peace and the strengthening of international security, as well as cooperation between countries

When asked how they are aware of ways to participate in the European Union, the majority of young Europeans who responded to the survey (46%) said it was possible to do so through European elections and 24% pointed to social media of EU institutions and platforms like the European Youth Portal.

Young Portuguese between the ages of 15 and 30 responded to this survey, with a total of 1,023 interviews (out of a total of 26,189 at the EU level), between April 4 and April 12, 2024.