Which agencies are participating?

News agencies from all across Europe take part in the European Newsroom. The agencies participating hail from Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden and Ukraine. Check the agency profiles below to get further information.

AFP, France

AFP is a leading news agency providing coverage of events and issues from around the world. With a news network in 151 countries, AFP claims to be the world leader in digital news verification. Headquartered in Paris, the agency has newsrooms in more than 260 other cities worldwide, including in Brussels. The 2,400 employees from 100 nations report on world events in six languages in videos, texts, photos and infographics.

AFP has 1,800 media subscribers in the world. In Europe, the agency counts 2,975 subscribers in all categories including media, institutions, companies and so on. Many European agencies subscribe to AFP and receive, translate and distribute its production. Currently, AFP has 14 accredited journalists to the EU Commission.

Mail: europe.ventes[at]afp.com


Fair-mindedness, equidistance, accuracy, and speed are some of the attributes defining the National News Agency AGERPRES. The most reliable source of information in Romania provides, annually, over 180,000 news, interviews, feature reports and documentary materials, and also about 850,000 photos of its own and partners. AGERPRES is the only media institution in Romania with correspondents in almost all counties and press agencies of international notoriety as media partners.

AGERPRES reaches 86 media in summary. Most notably 6 daily newspapers, 10 weekly newspapers, 25 radio stations, 20 tv stations as well as 6 news platforms. AGERPRES’ Top 10 media clients, with regard to coverage and distribution, are RCS-RDS (Digi TV, radio and web), Romanian National Television (TVR – all channels and web), Romanian National Radio (all stations and web), PRO TV, Evenimentul Zilei and Capital, Hotnews, DC news, Ringier – Libertatea, Adevarul Holding as well as Antena Group (tv and web). Currently, AGERPRES holds event- and occasion-related accreditations but no permanent ones to the EU Commission.

Cristina Tatu, Deputy managing director
Mail: cristina.tatu[at]agerpres.ro
T: +407 226 01 191

Marketing and Sales
Cristian-Dan Durleci Mateescu , Deputy General Director
Mail: marketing[at]agerpres.ro cristian.durleci[at]agerpres.ro

AMNA, Greece

Athens / Macedonian News Agency (AMNA) has a presence in the media sector that extends for more than a century. Athens News Agency (ANA) merged with Macedonian Press Agency (MPA) in 2008 and subsequently formed AMNA. AMNA produces, collects, edits and disseminates domestic and international news items and photographs, as well as radio and television material for distribution to media outlets in Greece, Cyprus, numerous third countries and the Greek diaspora.The news agency’s information network features news desks in several European capitals, as well as in the US and all major Greek cities, while international news agencies use AMNA news items utilising the agency’s services on a daily basis.

Directorate & Editorial

Aimilios Perdikaris, General Manager
T + 30 210 6405701
perdikaris[at]amna.gr, contact[at]amna.gr

Sales & Marketing

John Georgiou, Head of R&D, Marketing and Sales Dept.
T + 30 210 6400560

ANP, The Netherlands

ANP is the Dutch national news agency providing the media in The Netherlands with 24/7 news articles, photography, infographics and radio news bulletins. ANP is headquartered in The Hague and has additional newsrooms in the Dutch parliamentary buildings (also in The Hague), Amsterdam and Brussels.

ANSA, Italy

At its headquarters in Rome and 21 other offices in Italy, ANSA produces texts, photos and videos and also offers press release distribution. It is organised as a cooperative of publishers with government subsidies. Its annual turnover is more than ten million euros, generated by more than 500 employees. ANSA publishes in Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese and has correspondents in 73 locations outside Italy. ANSA’s target audience includes media and businesses. ANSA uses the enr because of its local network.

ANSA reaches about 100 media in summary, including national and local braodcasters, newspapers, magazines, online media and entertainment companies. Most notably, more than 50 daily newspapers, more than 10 weekly newspapers including magazines associated with newspapers, about 10 radio stations, 4 major broadcaster groups, less than 20 regional broadcasters, less than 10 international broadcasters. ANSA’s Top 10 media clients, with regard to coverage and distribution, are RAI, RTI, SKY, RCS, GEDI, LA7, TV2000, CED, ATHESIS as well as RIFFESER. Currently, ANSA holds 10 accreditations to the EU Commission.

Enrico Tibuzzi, Head of ANSA Brussels Bureau
Mail: enrico.tibuzzi[at]ansa.it

Luigi Silvestri, Head of Digital and International Marketing and Sales
Mail: luigi.silvestri[at]ansa.it

APA, Austria

The editorial department of the news agency APA supplies the Austrian media landscape with journalistic content in text, graphic, image, audio and video formats. It is owned by Austrian daily newspapers and the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) and is independent of state and government. It is headquartered in Vienna and employs 145 journalists. APA sees clear advantages in the cooperation within the enr through the exchange with other agency representatives.

APA reaches 116 media in summary. Most notably 15 daily newspapers, 20 weekly newspapers, 21 radio stations, 10 tv stations as well as 22 news platforms. APA’s Top 10 media clients, with regard to coverage and distribution, are ORF, Kronen Zeitung, Kleine Zeitung, Österreich, Kurier, Der Standard, OÖ Nachrichten, Die Presse, Salzburger Nachrichten and Tiroler Tageszeitung. Currently, APA holds two permanent accreditations to the EU Commission and further event- and occasion-related ones.

Johannes Bruckenberger, Editor-in-Chief
T +43 1 360 60 1000

Paul Schneidhofer, Head of Sales
Mail: Paul.Schneidhofer[at]apa.at
T +43 1 360 60 3500

ATA, Albania

The Albanian news agency ATA, based in Tirana, employs 86 journalists. It is state-funded and publishes content in Albanian, English and French for target audiences such as the media, companies and others. The news agency’s services include word, photo and video services. ATA has no correspondents abroad so far and seeks to enhance its presence in Brussels through the newsroom, in order to ensure transparency for Albanian media consumers.

ATA reaches 35 media in summary. Most notably, 10 daily newspapers, 5 radio stations, 10 tv stations and 10 news platforms. ATA’s Top 10 media clients, with regard to coverage and distribution, are Balkanweb, TV Klan, TV Klan News, TVSH, Report TV, News 24 TV, Faxweb, Cult Plus, Sot newspaper as well as Panorama newspaper.

Arian Jorgaqi
T +355 697 069 325

Ensi Gjoni
T +355 696 412 772

Belga, Belgium

Belga News Agency is the main supplier of daily news to Belgian media, supplying news bulletins from home and abroad. There are currently 100 journalists working for the agency, which is headquartered in Brussels. Reporting covers all areas: from politics, business, social affairs, finance, sports, culture to entertainment. Journalists and press photographers deliver hundreds of photos and text messages to the media each day, along with dozens of online news items, audio and video reports, each of them in French as well as Flemish.

BELGA reaches around 200 media in summary. Most notably, 15 daily newspapers, 1 weekly newspaper, around 80 radio stations, around 30 tv stations as well as around 10 news platforms. BELGA’s Top 10 media clients, with regard to coverage and distribution, are DPG Media, Mediahuis, VRT, RTBF, RTL Belgium, Rossel, IPM, Roularta, Mediafin and EDA. Currently, BELGA has 6 journalists, 2 video journalists and 19 photographers accredited to the EU Commission.

Hans Vandendriessche, Editor-in-Chief
Evdd[at]belga.be / redactie[at]belga.be
T +32 2 743 23 38

Lieven De Maertelaere, Chief Service Officer
ldm[at]belga.be / sales[at]belga.be
T +32 2 743 23 84

BTA, Bulgaria

BTA is Bulgaria’s national news agency, based in Sofia. It was founded in 1898 and today is a major source of information for print and online media, government agencies and NGOs in Bulgaria. The production languages for text and photos are Bulgarian and English. BTA says it is an “autonomous national news organization” whose director general is elected by parliament. The agency’s statute guarantees its editorial independence and protects it from economic and political influence. BTA’s activities are financed from the sale of its information services and products, as well as through advertising and from the national budget.

Since February 2022, BTA’s news are free to use by all Bulgarian media outlets. All national dailies use BTA’s information, e. g. 24 Chasa, Trud, Telegraph, Bulgarska Armiya, Duma as well as regional media outlets. BTA reaches the radio stations of Nova Broadcasting Group as well as the Bulgarian National Radio and Darik Radio. Further, the biggest news websites in Bulgaria use and cite BTA, e. g. nova.bg, 24chasa.bg, btvnovinite.bg, dariknews.bg, dir.bg, vesti.bg, dnes.bg, bnr.bg, darik.bg, dnevnik.bg, standartnews.com, segabg.com, capital.bg, banker.bg, news.bg, investor.bg or mediapool.bg.

BTA’s Top 10 media clients using the BTA paid services include Nova Broadcasting Group (NBG), Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), Bulgarian National Television (BNT), Dir.bg, Duma.bg, Clubz.bg, Build.bg, Economic.bg, Temasport.com as well as 7dnisport.bg. Currently, BTA has one accreditation to the EU Commission.

CTK, Czech Republic

CTK was founded on October 28, 1918, the same day as Czechoslovakia and was called the Czechoslovak News Agency. Until the 1990s it was a state agency and its history is closely linked with that of the Czechoslovak state. CTK reaches 300 media in summary, including 70 newspapers, 100 radio stations, and 6 television stations. CTK´s TOP 5 media clients are Česká Televize, Český rozhlas, Mafra a.s., Seznam.cz and Czech News Center a.s. CTK is the 100% owner of Profimedia, the largest Central European photobank, where both companies offer more than 200 million photos from reputable sources such as AP, AFP, Magnum, dpa, Splash, imago and others. They operate in ten other markets outside the Czech Republic.

CTK is a public corporation established by law. The state is not responsible for any CTK obligations and CTK is not responsible for any state obligations. CTK is not subsidized by the state. CTK is politically and financially independent. CTK´s motto is “speed – reliability – independence”. CTK currently has about 10 journalists who are accredited to the European Commission.

dpa, Germany

The German Press Agency dpa was founded in 1949 and is one of the world’s leading independent news agencies. dpa supplies media, companies and organizations with editorial services. This includes texts, photos, videos, graphics, radio reports and other formats. As an internationally active agency, dpa reports in seven languages. Around 1,000 journalists work at about 150 locations in Germany and abroad. The shareholders of dpa are 174 German media companies. The dpa editorial team works according to the principles laid down in the dpa statute and thus independently of world views, business enterprises or governments. The central editorial office is located in Berlin.

dpa reaches more than 500 media in summary. Most notably, 319 daily newspapers, 16 weekly newspaper, more than 100 radio stations, more than 30 tv stations as well as around 300 news platforms. Dpa’s Top 10 media clients, with regard to coverage and distribution, are ARD, Welt/BILD, Ippen Group, T-Online, FUNKE Group, RTL Group, RND Group, SWMH Group, ZDF as well as 1&1.


Christiane Düsterfeld

EFE, Spain

More than 3,000 journalists work for the Spanish news agency in more than 180 cities in 120 countries. The agency is headquartered in Madrid, with additional newsdesks in Bogotá, Cairo and Rio de Janeiro. EFE disseminates nearly three million news stories a year in a variety of formats – text, photography, audio, video and multimedia – and reaches more than 2,000 media outlets around the world each day. Founded in 1939, EFE has beome the leading news agency in Spain and Latin America and one of the largest press agencies in the world. The agency is owned by SEPI (Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales), a state-owned association for industrial participation.

Catalina Guerrero
T +32 2 285 48 31

José Rodríguez
T + 34 682 889 513

Europa Press, Spain

Europa Press is the largest private news agency in Spain. The company was founded in 1957 and has more than 400 employees with a nationwide presence in Spain. It is composed of independent public companies in seven business areas: news, television, features, communications, internet and editorial content for daily newspapers. The agency provides regional and international services in national languages. Europa Press says it produces more than 3,000 news items each day for more than 1,000 clients.

Europa Press reaches around 400 media in summary. Most notably, around 250 daily newspapers, around 20 weekly newspaper, around 300 radio stations, around 70 tv stations as well as around 15 news platforms. Europa Press’ Top 10 media clients, with regard to coverage and distribution, are UNIDAD EDITORIAL, PRISA, VOCENTO, ATRESMEDIA, RTVE, MEDIASET, PRENSA IBÉRICA, HENNEO, PROMECAL as well as GODÓ. Currently, Europa Press has 3 journalists accredited to the EU Commission.

Contact information
Candelas Martín de Cabiedes, Business Development Director
Mail: candelasmartindecabiedes[at]europapress.es

FENA, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Federal News Agency (FENA) is the leading news agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which covers all important events in the country and abroad and publishes news in official languages of BiH and in English language. It has been a reliable source of information and multimedia content for hundreds of electronic, print and internet media in the country for years.

FENA publishes several hundred news articles per day, and apart from news covering politics, economy, culture, entertainment, tourism and sport, FENA also offers photo and video service.

FENA is the main distributer of news articles for all significant media, TV and radio stations in the country. Majority of the media outlets are FENA-subscribers and take over FENA’s articles on daily basis. This includes approximately 150 media outlets. FENA is mostly featured in online media and around 3-4 daily and weekly papers. In regard to radio stations, FENA distributes to radio stations from every part of the country, including around 8-10 major radio stations. FENA’s news items are featured in daily news of major TV stations, most notably, around 7 from different parts of the country. FENA reaches around 70 news platforms.  FENA’s Top 10 media clients, with regard to coverage and distribution, are klix.ba, radiosarajevo.ba, faktor.ba, TVKS, FTV, ALJAZEERA BALKANS, AVAZROTO PRESS, TRT, raport.ba as well as tuzlanski.ba. Currently, FENA accredits journalists to individual events.

Mail: alma.zukanovic@fena.ba

Aida Birno
Mail: Aida.Birno[at]fena.gov.ba

HINA, Croatia

Texts, photos, videos, graphics and audios are produced by the 100 journalists of the Croatian news agency. Headquartered in Zagreb, HINA maintains 25 other bureaus in Croatia and abroad. The agency is owned by the state and funded by the government. It publishes content for the media, businesses and the government, exclusively in Croatian. From HINA’s perspective, the enr facilitates work and communication of the agency’s correspondents in Brussels and ensures that they work together as a unit in the future.

HINA reaches 128 media in summary. Most notably, 9 daily newspapers, 4 weekly newspaper, 46 radio stations, 7 tv stations as well as 61 news platforms. HINA’s Top 10 media clients, with regard to coverage and distribution, are HRT – Croatian Radio Television, RTL, Nova TV, N1,Večernji list, Jutarnji list, Novi list, Index, Net.hr as well as Telegram.hr. Currently, HINA has 1 accredited journalist to the EU Commission.

Mail: hina[at]hina.hr
T +385-1-4808600

T +385-1-4808702

Lusa, Portugal

Lusa is the biggest News Agency in Portuguese providing a complete coverage in several supports – text, audio, video, photo – for all media, companies and institutions that wish to be informed about worldwide events.

Lusa provides daily about 500 news items, 2.000 photographs, 20 videos and 30 audios. With over 200 journalists present in 5 continents, Lusa offers countless services, customized to client needs, and also gives access to a text and image vast archive.

MIA, North Macedonia

70 journalists produce texts, photos and videos in Macedonian, Albanian and English for the news agency MIA. MIA is based in the capital of Skopje. It is a joint stock company owned by the state. The news agency’s target audiences include the media, businesses, as well as international organizations, embassies and civil society. Reporting on EU issues is very important for MIA, as North Macedonia is an EU accession candidate. For MIA, the enr offers the opportunity to work in the network of international journalists.

MIA reaches 50 media in summary. Most notably, 3 daily newspapers, 6 radio stations, 10 tv stations as well as 31 news platforms. MIA’s Top 10 media clients, with regard to coverage and distribution, are TV TRT, TV 24, Sloboden pecat, TV Alsat, Vecer, TV Sonce, TV Sitel, Radio Antena 5, Koha as well as TV Telma. Currently, MIA has 1 accredited journalist to the EU Commission.

Ana Cvetkovska (General Service Editor)
T +389 75 284 538

Jovanka Jankoska (Sales and Communications)
Mail: jovanka.jankoska[at]mia.mk
T +389 75 280 297

Polish Press Agency (PAP), Poland

PAP is the successor of Polish Telegraphic Agency (PAT), which was established in 1918. PAP is the single largest source of news from Poland with over 270 journalists and 50 photojournalists providing news and photos. Members of the Management Board are appointed by the National Media Council, as the company is 100% owned by the State Treasury. The agency has over a dozen editorial desks in its Warsaw headquarters, specializing in business, political, scientific and sports topics. PAP has 24 regional branches throughout Poland and several foreign correspondents: in Europe, USA and China.



Ritzau, Denmark

Ritzau’s Bureau is Denmark’s independent national news agency providing domestic and international news and photographic material to all media outlets in the country.

STA, Slovenia

The Slovenian news agency STA is headquartered in Ljubljana. It employs a total of 85 journalists in the capital and other Slovenian cities. Another three journalists are correspondents abroad. The news agency is owned by the state, and is consequently partly financed from the state budget. Texts, photos and videos for the media, companies and the government are produced in Slovenian and English. From the cooperation within the enr, STA expects advantages such as the opportunity to learn new (journalistic) skills.

STA reaches about 50 media in summary. Most notably, 9 daily newspapers, 5 weekly newspapers, 12 radio stations, 4 tv stations as well as 31 news platforms. STA’s Top 10 media clients, with regard to coverage and distribution, are RTV Slovenija, POPTV/Akanal, Delo, Dnevnik, Siol, Žurnal, Radio Aktual, Planet TV, Ra Ognjišče as well as Večer. Currently, STA has 2 accredited journalists to the EU Commission.

Contact information
Barbara Štrukelj
T +386 51 344 839

Tanjug, Serbia

The Serbian news agency Tanjug has its headquarters in Belgrade. It publishes more than one million multimedia news items in the form of texts, photos, audios and videos per year. It publishes in Serbian and English. Among its clients, the agency counts about 100 media outlets from Serbia and its neighbouring countries, which use Tanjug as a credible and reliable source. According to the agency, this makes it the most cited source from the Serbian region. Currently, the agency employs fewer than 100 journalists.

Jovana Joksimovic, Editor-in-Chief
Mail: jovana.joksimovic[at]tanjug.rs

Vanja Babic, Marketing
Mail: vanja.babic[at]tanjug.rs
T +381 66 8317 095

TASR, Slovakia

The Slovak news agency TASR is a public, national and independent agency that provides reporting in the public interest. Headquartered in Bratislava, TASR is not subsidized by the state and generates income from the sale of its products as well as agency services. For this reason, a contract has been signed with the state on orders in the public interest, which are specified in detail by the law. For example, general coverage of EU issues is statutory in Slovakia. A total of 130 journalists produce texts, photos and videos in Slovak and in English for the media, companies and the state. The annual turnover is 5.5 million euros.

TASR reaches more than 350 media in summary. Most notably, all relevant dailies and weeklies of big publishing houses, 30 radio stations, 4 nationwide, 8 regional as well as Internet tv stations owned by publishing houses, and 300 news platforms. TASR’s Top 10 media clients, with regard to coverage and distribution, are Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska (RTVS), Markíza Slovakia (TV Markíza), Slovenská produkčná a.s. (TV JOJ), Petit Press, C.E.N., News and Media Holding, MAFRA Slovakia, FPD Media, OUR MEDIA SR as well as Spoločnosť Ringier Axel Springer Media. Currently, TASR has 1 accredited journalist to the EU Commission.

Marián Kolár, Editor-in-Chief
Mail: marian.kolar[at]tasr.sk

Mária Tarišková, Director of Sales and Marketing
Mail: maria.tariskova[at]tasr.sk

TT, Sweden

TT was founded in 1921 as an independent news agency. Today it is Sweden’s leading news agency, with the Nordic region’s largest offering of texts, images, videos and infographics. TT supplies editorial content to all of Sweden’s major media companies, as well as an image bank, news coverage and press release services to a number of non-media companies and government agencies. The TT group, including the media monitoring company Retriever, has a revenue of 700 million SEK (60 million euros).

TT has all major Swedish media companies as clients, among them Bonnier, Aller, Schibsted, NTM and Stampen, as well as the major broadcasters SR, SVT and TV4. TT has one permanent accreditation to the EU commission and further event- and occasion-related ones.

Vicktor Olsson

Åsa Yngve

Observer Partner

MINA, Montenegro

For over two decades, MINA (Montenegro Independent News Agency) has been at the forefront of breaking news and reporting on the most significant events in Montenegro, committed to the highest standards of objective and accurate journalism. Founded as an independent news cooperative by a group of Montenegrin citizens who uphold values such as independence, integrity, and freedom from bias, MINA strives to deliver news directly from the source and every corner of the nation.

MINA offers several media services daily. Its general news service encompasses articles on politics, society, culture, and sports. It provides a business news service dedicated to covering the economy. Complementing its text-based news, MINA offers video/photo media services, enriching the news agency’s offerings as a multimedia content source. Over 50 local and regional media outlets and numerous institutions utilise the agency’s media services. MINA’s text services are translated into English and distributed to diplomatic missions, foreign companies, and institutions.

Contact information

Jaša Jovićević, CEO
Email: jasa.jovicevic@mina.news

Milan Žugić, Editor in Chief
Email: milan.zugic@mina.news


Solidarity Partner


The UKRINFORM news agency was founded in 1918 and is the only national news agency in the country. The agency has a large network of correspondents in all Ukrainian regions, as well as in the United States, Canada, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Turkey, Belgium, Latvia and Poland. The news are published online in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Polish and Chinese. In addition, the news agency has a professional photo service. UKRINFORM is a member of the European Alliance of Press Agencies.


Nataliia Kostina, Chief of Foreign Department
T +380 67 5002 448