What is the European Newsroom?

The European Newsroom (enr) is a cooperation project between news agencies from all over Europe – AFP, AGERPRES, AMNA, ANSA, ANP, APA, ATA, Belga, BTA, CTK, dpa, EFE, Europa Press, FENA, HINA, Lusa, MIA, PAP, Ritzau, STA, Tanjug, TASR, TT and UKRINFORM. The participating agencies have opportunities for training, further education and the joint development of journalistic standards. Tools such as fact checks and verification help to uphold quality journalism by counteracting the growing dissemination of disinformation and propaganda. Through the enr, the European agencies are given equal access to information, paving the way for comprehensive and diverse reporting across national borders.

Professional reporting on the EU and Europe, disseminated by the enr, informs people in their respective countries in an unbiased and independent way. It provides the agencies with verified facts and professional access to news and sources beyond propaganda and fake news. The enr aims to establish a hub of journalistic quality and integrity in the heart of the EU.

In a nutshell, this is about European agencies working together – at eye level and across borders. That is not just the idea behind the newsroom, but the idea behind a united Europe as well.