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Our ‘Europe in brief ’ presents the European coverage of the participating news agencies in the European Newsroom. In their best of stories, all agencies give an overview of the predominating topics of the week. Looking at their countries, the participating agencies shed light on how EU politics are perceived there. Thus, each individual article gives a country-specific perspective on EU politics. Taken all together, they provide a truly pan-European picture.

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EU top court: Women who value equality with men may qualify as refugees

In a case involving two teenage Iraqi girls, the European Court of Justice has ruled that asylum seekers who support the value of equality between men and women can qualify for refugee status if their beliefs are a reason for persecution in their home country.

Germany eases access for non-EU jobseekers

Germany eases access for non-EU jobseekers

Germany has introduced a new visa scheme for non-EU workers in an attempt to tackle an acute shortage of skilled labour in the country. In the European Union, the so-called EU Blue Card allows workers from non-EU countries to live and work in the bloc.

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