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Vienna – At a reception in the Austrian Parliament on the occasion of his 25 years in the European Parliament on Wednesday evening, Othmar Karas (ÖVP), outgoing First Vice President of the European Parliament, called for “strengthening cooperation in the center again.”

“Only the courage and conviction that we can master the problems of our time will regain lost trust in politics, politicians, and institutions. Only solutions through cooperation will pull the rug from under the feet of extremists and populists,” Karas warned to applause from over a hundred guests and comrades-in-arms from politics, business, culture, church, and media.

Recalling June 12, 1994, when two-thirds of Austrians voted for EU membership, Karas said, “Let us remember this strength that made us so strong.” Currently, he feels that politics in Austria is conducted with only 70 percent effort. “We need to try to run politics and Europe again with 100 percent and show what we are capable of.” (13.06.2024)