During the exchange with Commissioner Ylva Johansson ahead of the EU Summit in Brussels in February, correspondents from the participating press agencies in the enr had the opportunity to raise questions about the European Union’s migration policy. Among other topics, they discussed border walls, the Schengen area, the Dublin regulation and the new pact on migration.

The interview brought together correspondents from dpa, AFP, AGERPRES, ANP, ANSA, APA, ATA, Belga, BTA, EFE, Europa Press, FENA, HINA, MIA, PAP, STA, Tanjug, TASR and UKRINFORM.

As a result of the interview with Johansson, the participating press agencies distributed news articles through their respective news wires, highlighting the most relevant news for their country as well as overall EU news from Brussels. Furthermore, they contributed in the joint production of that week’s enr Key Story about the interview. This particular Key Story can be read here.

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