Under the title “Staying in touch with generation TikTok” 27 participants attended the online webinar on April 3, among them AFP, APA, ATA, ANSA, Belga, dpa, EFE, FENA, HINA, LUSA Tanjug and TT.

In times of disinformation, #UseTheNews aims to understand and enhance young people’s interaction with news media. Through dynamic campaigns #UseTheNews endeavores to equip the next generation with the tools necessary for critical news consumption and active participation in democratic processes.

In 2024, #UseTheNews declared “the year of news,” embarking on a multifaceted media campaign aimed at amplifying youth voices and perspectives. This initiative includes national news camps designed for young people, an innovative editorial team producing content for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and the groundbreaking format “Social News Daily.” Serving as a laboratory for social media journalism, Social News Daily explored weekly news topics in a manner that resonated with young audiences.

The webinar delved into various facets of #UseTheNews, including its mission, principles, and project structure. Key findings from #UseTheNews studies were presented, shedding light on the implications for journalism and youth engagement. Participants gained insights into the “Year of News” campaign, featuring discussions on newscamps, model projects, and best practices in social media journalism. Of particular focus was the collaboration with media partners for the European elections, exploring avenues for cooperation and engagement.