Deputy Team Leader Aleksandar Jovančić, Media Officer Goran Stupar and Web Editor Nebojša Parkić from the Belgrade EU Info Centre visited the European Newsroom in the premises in the Residence Palace in Brussels to gain insights into the collaboration between news agencies and the project’s goals.

The main purpose of the visit was to get to know the enr project’s implementation, considering the fact that such an initiative has been attempted  for the first time. The enr discussed the first results, the perception of the publics in the EU countries about the EU enlargement and what role of European media play in this context. 

Among the main topics discussed were how the enr works with agencies from both EU member states as well as countries that want to join the bloc. The enr discussed in detail the editorial processes as well as that it finds consensus in finding topics that are of great significance for audiences across Europe. 

The enr offered its Key Story to the EU Info Centre, which can be published on their website in order to inform the Serbian audience. The participating enr agency Tanjug translates the enr Key Story into the Serbian language and provides the article also to the Belgrade Info Centre. 

The EU Info Centre Belgrade dedicates itself to disseminating information about the European Union and fostering a connection between the EU and Serbian citizens. The visit was part of the Pulse of Europe, which organises media trips to the EU. The EU-funded project aims to actively support Serbian journalists to report on the best European practices. Its foremost aim is to educate Serbian citizens to bring them closer to the EU and thereby bridging the gap between them and the EU. So far, some 29 media trips to 16 EU countries were realised.